Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3, 2011

We spent a whole day at Matt's uncle and aunt's house in Spanish Fork. We had a BBQ, filled and launched water balloons, raced on the Slip N Slide, talked, laughed, and made fun of one another. We had a blast. And then we drove home. :) GREAT WEEKEND. Obviously this isn't a one pic schwop either.

God bless America. That's the title of this one.

Daddy teach Addy May all about water balloons as she grabs hold of her first one!

Matt and Ian attempting to catch the launched water balloons.

I just wanted to get a pic of how wet Matt was, and he posed like this. What a tard.

She was so great to just hang out and look around pretty much all the way home! And now she's sound asleep. Life is good.

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