Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011

We didn't do too much today. Well, I guess what I mean to say is Addy May and I didn't get anything great on camera. This is it:

We went out and took a nice walk around the neighborhood. I thought Addy would like to see the stuff in the hood, because usually she is in the carseat/stroller bidness. She loved it.

Side story: You know the little insert thing in a sprinkler that can be changed to
adjust the type of spray emitted from said sprinkler?? Here's a pic for convenience. ANYways, our grass was dying in some sports cause the red thingy wasn't the right one (it needed to shoot out more water) so I decided that I would be AWESOME and change them so Matt didn't have to. Raise your hand if you have ever done this. Yeah. Not a great idea. Matt told me that I needed to make sure I had the sprinkler on so that when I unscrewed the tiny screw that holds it in, the pressure of the water would shoot the red thing out on its own. Didn't happen that way. Have you ever messed with a sprinkler that was going full blast? Well, you get shot in the face. A lot. And I changed about 8 of them. So I was soaking wet from my head to my toes. PLUS, I had to run BACK AND FORTH from the garage where the sprinkler controls are, to all around the yard!! Do you know how enormous this yard is? Click here (scroll down for the lawn shots) for a refresher. Have you ever run after giving birth? Ha. It's like sneezing or jumping on a trampoline... No buen. Needless to say, after that fiasco, I was wet and cold. BUT the sprinklers on 2 acres of lawn are fixed and Matt's wife is awesome. Whew. Oh, and I didn't get any pictures of that. Lame, I know. But maybe you laughed?

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