Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Here we are. The Eastern Idaho State Fair. Watch out.

My pillow won first prize!

And my blanket, third!

We had lots of crap food, including a Bullseye Burger (Burger with a donut as a bun. Woot).

We saw some goats. I love the goats. The ones with no ears are so freaking creepy!! :) Addy got to see her first one!

She also shoved her whole fist in her mouth. He hand started to come out when I snapped the pic. :(

Then we went over to see Cary Judd. Here's a neat story about that: When I was in HS, my friend Chris lent me a CD. I really loved the music, and when I asked if other people had heard of him, no one had! So I continued to love the CD and what not, but that was it. And here we are, 7-8 years later, and I was on the EISF website looking to see who was going to perform. Lo and behold, Cary Judd is one of the free-stage artists. I did a double take when I saw his name... I had to verify that it was the same Cary Judd I loved in HS. And it was/is. Weird.

So anyways, we head over to the stage that the programs says he's going to be performing at, and we waited and waited and waited. Finally, Matt asked someone when Cary was going to perform (because they were going on 30 minutes late) and the guys says that he's been moved to the other stage way across the fair grounds. So we ricken schnicken the whole way there, just to see the last 20 seconds of his LAST song. Lame. Well, we talk with him for a little while about it all, and he tells us that if we can't get in for free the next day, to call him cause he will find a way for us to get in. (Neato). Well, the offices were closed, but we will find a way to get in tomorrow so I can see Cary Judd.

And here we are, waiting....

All tuckered out. :)

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